Images By Tracie

These encouraging words have been written by the photographer and her sister to comfort someone going through their journey with cancer. Romans 15:13 is the verse we chose to compliment this card.

This is a tent card with plenty of room for your personal message to your loved one. 

“A Portrait of Hope”
The artist has taken an area laced with graffiti in her
hometown of Fredericksburg,Virginia and captured a view
worthy of passionate examination. 
Careful study allows one to experience the concern of
hearing for the first time they have been diagnosed.
Our emotions are taken to the extreme.
We are brave, strong and desperate for our body.
Oh Lord!  Is it cancer?  Is it treatable?
We have hope!
We raise our arms and rejoice hearing good news
and …. having another day.

  • Award Winning Photo

  • Raising Money For Cancer Research
  • Registered with the National Library of Congress
  • ​An encouragement card has been designed

Bosom of Life

"A Portrait of Hope"

Photography By: Tracie Barnett