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Our mission is to provide each client with a unique, memorable session through personal time spent evaluating your personality and artistically designing your portrait from behind the camera.  For us to capture what you want is our ultimate goal... memory to place on your wall or mantle for generations to come! You will proudly own an Images by Tracie design “uniquely” created by Tracie Barnett.


The beautiful and historical state of Virginia is where I live with endless opportunities to capture the very essence of what America means to me.  Every city and small town has its own place in our history and seems to call out to me to shoot it when I stroll through.  My greatest interests are to capture the “old stories” each building has to tell or to zoom in on something overlooked.  I especially like to document memories of living back in the 19th or 20th centuries.   Places like Williamsburg and Mount Vernon or even an encampment of Civil War soldiers, bring me to appreciate my love for our country and are my all time favorite shoots!

Then there is this other side of me who might ponder around an alley or crouch down beside some graffiti on a back city street looking for subjects that don’t seem to jump up at a person walking by.  Or I see natural settings of unique value like texture and color and geometric form.  I like to find beauty in these natural subjects that have been designed by the Master Himself.   We have a world of wonder God has made for us to enjoy and I want to share it with you. I hope you enjoy my perspectives and my view.

Currently, I am a member of the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts and the 6:3 Networking Group.   My portraits and images have been printed in local magazines including the Fredericksburg Guidebook."

"I am a photographer who has loved and enjoyed the art for over 25 years.  My mother presented me with my very own camera for a graduation gift and encouraged me to expand my talent.  I have been posing my children, my family members, and friends for many years.